Nutritional values

Por 100g de producto escurrido :

  • Energetic value                    88 Kcal/371 KJ
  • Fats                                       1,3 g
  • Saturated fats    0,23 g
  • Carbohydrates           0 g
  • Sugars       0 g
  • Proteins                                  19 g
  • Salt                                                1,6 g

Available formats :

  • Format : RR-125 EO
  • Net Weight : 111 g.
  • Drained Weight : 65 g.

Product selected from The Galician Rias, in which we put a special emphasis in its cleaning process, so when the product arrives at your home, it joys from an incomparable quality and taste.

Javimar´s Razors in Brine, is a Gourmet product and a little gastronomic treasure in each one tin.

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